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Welcome to the poolside CEO

Build a Passive Income With Insider Tips for Entrepeneurs and Affiliate Marketeers


Marketing your business properly is key to its success. Sadly many would-be entrepreneurs lack these vitally important business skills. I'll help show you how.


Running a blog and struggling to make money from it? I'll show you the changes you need to make that will transform any blog into a successful business venture

Sale Automation

As your online business grows, it can be difficult to keep up with the administration involved. I'll share with you the Sales Automation systems that allow our sites to run on their own

Traffic and SEO

Generating traffic to your online business requires a knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I'll share my simple SEO secrets that ensure your site is number one

Firstly, why the name?

Well, the aim of this site is to provide passive income tips to fellow entrepreneurs and document the process of how you would build a passive income as a “Virtual CEO” or what I personally like to call, a “Poolside CEO”.

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Join Me In Your Process of Learning How To Build a Passive Income - Poolside

Passive Income Tips Sales Marketing SEO Advertising Website Building Social Media ADVICE FOR ENTREPRENEURS

Are you looking to start a new business online or build up your existing business far beyond its current income levels? Are you looking for tips on how to build a passive income or looking to learn new techniques in online and offline marketing? Are you looking to exploit social media channels like Facebook and Instagram? Are you looking to build a passive income with your blog? Or are you simply looking to streamline your online sales automation processes to get some “me” time back?

Well you are in the right place! Building an online business is no easy task, but don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll be talking about everything you need to run a business online OR run a business remotely and we’ll also be giving you LOT of passive income tips.

We’ll be talking about marketing, social media, sales skills, website design, search engine marketing and optimisation, passive income tips, staffing, using virtual assistants, branding – everything you need to know about running a business successfully. And from anywhere.

It’s going to be an interesting exercise, and I’d like to invite you to join me in your online journey to business success.

About The Poolside CEO

The aim of this site is to document the process of becoming a “Virtual CEO” or what I personally like to call a “Poolside CEO”.

That is someone who is able to start up and run their own passive income business remotely from any location in the world – and in my case that favourite location would be beside a nice pool somewhere in a nice warm location.

You see, most of the time I am based in the United Kingdom.

Where the weather sucks! And it rains. A lot!

I hate rain and most importantly I hate grey skies. So I would much prefer to be able to run my online business (and my offline businesses) beside a pool somewhere nice and warm.

Wouldn’t you?

You Can Work Less and Live More!